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One of the most essential life skills a person can have is the ability to adapt to change. An adaptive individual is one who is able to refocus the mind in new directions and make choices based on his or her desired outcomes.


Psychologist Dennis O’Grady said that the inability to adapt to change is related to a combination of five fears:

  1. Fear of the Unknown­

The unspoken message from society says that when change occurs, you will lose control.

  1. Fear of Failure­

If I commit myself to goals for change, there is a chance for failure.

  1. Fear of Commitment­

Commitment forces an answer to tough questions. “What do I really want?” Commitment to one option may feel intimidating because it eliminates other options.

  1. Fear of Disapproval­

If I change, I risk having people say they like me better the way I was. Your own change also forces others to change in relationship to you.

  1. Fear of Success­

If I change, what other demands will be made of me? Can I sustain this success?


  • Gain an awareness of what’s going on in your immediate environment. Give yourself time to analyze situations thoroughly. View potential change from different angles and perspectives to gain a more complete understanding of its possible effects.
  • Try to anticipate change before it happens, and have a plan to take advantage of new situations and opportunities.
  • Make informed decisions. Communicate concerns and ask questions to get information that might not be apparent.
  • Identify both internal and external barriers you feel may stand in the way of what you want to accomplish.
  • Counteract self‐created doubt by looking at your lack of confidence logically and talking about it with family and friends.
  • Think Positively. You control how you think about and perceive changes! The more positively you think about change the more positive your reaction to it.
  • Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone…it may prove to be a great experience!



  • Remain true to yourself.

Never compromise your beliefs even if it is expedient or seems like the only way out at the time.

  • Listen to your source.

You have asked for help, be receptive when the answer comes.

  • Think outside of yourself.

How will your choices affect your friends, family, community and the earth on which we live? You are part of a much larger world and if you make decisions that benefit all, you will benefit yourself.

  • Dream your dreams.

Your dreams cannot become reality if you don’t allow yourself to dream.

  • Be patient.

Turning change into success may not happen overnight. Knowing that your spiritual source, mind and body are all working together toward one goal will help you stay focused and, in the end, become successful.

  • Help others.

While we may be going through change and adversity ourselves, it is through helping others that we truly grow and succeed.

Success is measured in different ways in our society. Most commonly, it is measured by how many or expensive cars or homes we own and how our possessions compare to our neighbours. The fact is that having money does not necessarily equal happiness.

” True happiness comes from meeting life’s changes and overcoming challenges while remaining true to ourselves, knowing that we have lived our lives to the fullest, that we have valued others and that we’ve made our planet a better place”

Should you need any advice in making change a less daunting exercise, please feel free to contact me.

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