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Back Pain and Posture

Weight Gain Means Back Pain Added weight can and does cause back pain. The excess weight, especially in your belly, strains your back muscles and ligaments, causing back pain. Spine Problems from Weight Gain With proper posture, you stand upright with your chest out and your chin up. You stomach is tucked in and the sight curve of your lower back keeps your hips straight. If you’re carrying extra weight, however, every part of your body gets heavier. And your spine bears the burden ... Read more

Golf performance and importance of a conditioning program

Golf sport conditioning program and aspects of the golf swing: Golf requires not only flexibility and strength but also good muscle balance and postural stability. A typical day on the golf course can include swinging more than 100 times a day. Golf conditioning program includes both physical preparation and education to promote a lifetime of injury-free golfing. Knowing which muscles are primarily involved in different aspects of the swing can help develop a very effective golf conditioning program that will increase strength and ... Read more

Table View Sports Massage

We have an outstanding team of qualified sports massage consultants in Cape Town. Book your sports massage at the Fit4u studio (Table View). Sports massage is an effective and beneficial form of physical therapy, not only for active people, or those requiring therapy after a soft tissue injury, but also for those people seeking relief from muscle tension or requiring massage for the maintenance of healthy muscles. Sports massage involves the skill of manipulating the soft tissue of the body and isolating individual muscle groups ... Read more

Change it up ! Exercise outside

Change it up – exercise outside! By Tayla Chin Exercising regularly has been shown to reduce the risk of developing many life threatening conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, hypertension and diabetes (1). Studies have also shown a marked improvement in psychological wellbeing, particularly improved moods and stress management, as a result of exercise (1). Despite this, a large majority of people do little or no exercise at all. It is possible that the environment in which we exercise affects our enjoyment and ... Read more

Raw whey protein and how to use it

Raw supplement protein powder does not have harmful effects on the body, becoming one of the most popular products in the health market. Raw whey protein is safer to drink regularly and best for people of all ages and populations. Each person male or female can benefit from the essential nutrient that comes from raw whey protein. It does not contain harmful substances or preservatives that can cause unwanted health risks. Quality raw whey protein product features amino acid complex and nitrogen ... Read more

How to breathe efficiently while running

By adopting a more efficient breathing pattern you can: 1) prevent injury, and 2) increase your oxygen capacity which decreases your times. How Can Proper Breathing Prevent Injury? If you are one of those runners who always finds themselves injured—especially on the same side of the body— it could be because of your breathing pattern. The impact on your body is two to three times your body weight while running. When you inhale you cause your diaphragm to contract (your diaphragm is a muscle ... Read more

Pilates or Yoga, which practise is best for you?

The differences Origin Pilates originated in Germany during the Second World War. Joseph Pilates created a form of strengthening exercises to rehabilitate bedridden soldiers. The origins of Yoga have been speculated to date back to around the sixth and fifth century BC in ancient India. Yoga gurus later introduced to practice to the west and in the 1980’s yoga became a popular form of exercise across the Western world. The Class Pilates is more structured and likely to be very similar at any studio. Yoga ... Read more

Summer bodies are made in winter

3 Tips to shape your body to prevent winter kilos from getting the better part of you 1. Start today As human beings we are really good at making excuses, even more so where exercise is concerned. Most of the times our excuses are so good that we even convince ourselves. But let’s face it, invariably they’re all lies. So, don’t wait for the beginning of next month. Don’t even wait for Monday. Get off the couch and ditch the fast food today. ... Read more

Posture and Pillow choices

Most people don’t think too much about their choice of pillow unless they sleep badly or suffer from pain (usually neck or back pain), but the right pillow can make a big impact on your quality of sleep, your health and your well being. A pillow is designed to fill the gap between your head, neck and the mattress to maintain the spine in natural alignment and a good pillow should dynamically assume that shape during position changes as you sleep. If ... Read more

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a term used to described a stress-induced response when one eat food to manage emotions. When eating high glycemic carbohydrates like candy, bread, sweets treats and chips feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin are released. Serotonin is usually depleted when under pressure or severe stress. These high energy foods might improve your mood for a short period of time but will lead in the long haul to weight gain, obesity and risk for diabetes. To achieve successful weight management it is ... Read more
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