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The importance of movement and how to get moving after prolonged period of inactivity

Movement would seem like one of the simplest things that you could do. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t pay attention towards the importance of movement. This can lead them towards a variety of health conditions in the long run. Movement can be considered as a medicine. You need to get this medicine to stay away from some of the frustrating health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. In addition, you will get the opportunity to avoid a variety of other chronic ... Read more

Review Blood Group Diet

The naturopath, Dr Peter D’Adamo, created the Blood Group Diet. He claims that by eating for your blood group, you’ll lose weight, feel healthier and lower your risk of many diseases. Unfortunately, none of his claims have been scientifically proven and therefore dieticians, as explained below, cannot recommend the Blood Group Diet. According to Dr D’Adamo, people with Blood Group O need to eat a high protein, low carbohydrate diet with large quantities of meat and fish and no dairy products, wheat or ... Read more

At what exercise intensity should I train for weight loss?

Will I burn a greater percentage of fat if I exercise longer at a lower exercise intensity? This is the question a lot of women are asking their personal trainers every day. Women all over the world have been walking and walking for hours at low exercise intensities, because they believed that that is the way to train if you want to lose weight. So you’ve heard about the “fat burning zone”. In other words, if you want to lose weight, you ... Read more

Athletic training and SAQ program

Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) Speed, Agility, Quickness is a system of training that enhances performance levels in all sports. SAQ Training concentrates on proper running form and explosive movement patterns for sports which require speed, agility and quickness as a basic prerequisite for success. It is ideal for all field and court-based sports which are mainly multi-sprint events requiring fast multi-directional movement patterns in addition to anticipation, sharpness of mind, reaction and acceleration as key components of sports specific fitness. Gradual and progressive use ... Read more

Back Pain and Posture

Weight Gain Means Back Pain Added weight can and does cause back pain. The excess weight, especially in your belly, strains your back muscles and ligaments, causing back pain. Spine Problems from Weight Gain With proper posture, you stand upright with your chest out and your chin up. You stomach is tucked in and the sight curve of your lower back keeps your hips straight. If you’re carrying extra weight, however, every part of your body gets heavier. And your spine bears the burden ... Read more

Golf performance and importance of a conditioning program

Golf sport conditioning program and aspects of the golf swing: Golf requires not only flexibility and strength but also good muscle balance and postural stability. A typical day on the golf course can include swinging more than 100 times a day. Golf conditioning program includes both physical preparation and education to promote a lifetime of injury-free golfing. Knowing which muscles are primarily involved in different aspects of the swing can help develop a very effective golf conditioning program that will increase strength and ... Read more

Change it up ! Exercise outside

Change it up – exercise outside! By Tayla Chin Exercising regularly has been shown to reduce the risk of developing many life threatening conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, hypertension and diabetes (1). Studies have also shown a marked improvement in psychological wellbeing, particularly improved moods and stress management, as a result of exercise (1). Despite this, a large majority of people do little or no exercise at all. It is possible that the environment in which we exercise affects our enjoyment and ... Read more

Healthy living, happy days!

So the third month of the year is almost done and you are still training! I would just like to congratulate you on this achievement! This means you are one step closer to making participating in physical activity a habit. The greatest realization you have to make is that reaching your goals depends greatly on you committing to the lifestyle change to a more physically active lifestyle instead of treating training and dieting as a band aid fix! Their once was a ... Read more

Beat the belly bump

Beat the belly bump Ever wondered why you can’t beat the baby belly bump - even after your children have already left home? You’ve tried every possible sit up and crunch, but you still have that extra little bump which rolls over your bikini bottom. Well, I might have the solution you’re looking for: TA Activation!!!           TA stands for Transversus Abdominis. This muscle runs across your abdomen from the one end to the other. It is responsible for compressing the abdominal contents. This muscle ... Read more

New Year, New You

So it is the new year, and we all know what that means.... New Year’s resolutions have been set, and as it is past the middle of the second month, they are starting to waiver. Just keep in mind that progress is progress, whether you have improved by an inch or a mile, you have still improved. You have still become better than you were yesterday. Don’t give up! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind to keep you going. So ... Read more
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