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Welcome to our all new website. Here we like to share what we regard as important to us.
When dealing with us you will get to see how we regard fitness, and that one of our most valuable lessons we coach is that…Fitness is a lifestyle.

We make it our business to understand your unique goals and ensure that your obstacles towards a healthier lifestyle are overcome.

Here are some steps that will ensure your change to a better lifestyle succeed;

First, you need to make the choice to look and feel better. Choice is free, but sometimes the most difficult to do. Don’t make a false choice, you have to really mean it! 

Once you have made a choice, the rest will fall into place automatically as now you are driven by the will to change.

Will in itself is a very good fuel, and as long as you fuel your choice with will, you will succeed!

Secondly, get your plan ready. This doesn’t mean you have to know exactly how you will do it, but it means you will need to put some thought into it, prepare a little and maybe get some help from experts. Remember, asking for help is not a weakness!

Now that you have a plan, you and the “expert” will get a route or map as to how to get to your goal. Take it in small steps… nothing happens overnight (unless it’s a DHL Delivery overnight ;))

Initially the change may be challenging, as we all have habitual obstacles to overcome. Routine in changing your lifestyle is good, because this will make whatever you need to achieve easier purely because its on your list to do next… “fooling yourself into doing something really works” Remember that the “little voice” that tells you that its stupid or difficult can just as easily tell you quite the opposite… Ever noticed how easy something gets just by believing and saying something is easy…even if its just pretending?! 

Eventually you’ll see things will become second nature as we call it. It would become a way of life.
It will happen without you having to consciously having to think about it. You will develop a pride in your achievement, people will notice it, YOU will notice it… You will feel GREAT!!

The KEY…It’s only as difficult as you believe it to be! Remember that encouraging is a lot more powerful than discouraging. Talk to your partners or spouse about your intention to change. Have them encourage you, heck why not encourage them too!!

Mind matters, that’s what we battle!
Choice is free, Will takes effort, so make it a “Goodwill”!