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Lots of people struggle to find motivation to work out, or if they have the motivation they simply aren’t seeing any results or pushing themselves hard enough to achieve their goals. Here are a few ways on why having a gym or exercise buddy can help you.

  1. Motivation and Goals – By having social support even by just over the phone boosts your motivation to go and workout. The more you work out together, then you will have faster results to reach your goals.
  2. Enjoyable – The more workouts that you enjoy together laughing, making an effort to try something new and which seems interesting, having someone to motivate and encourage and challenge you, you will have more reasons to look forward to your sessions over the long term.
  3. Easier – Having someone with you while trying something new makes it seem less intimidating and a lot easier to take head on.
  4. Competition – Studies have shown that having a workout partner that is fitter than yourself makes you perform better. Furthermore to maximize your motivation they should be about 40% better than yourself – challenging, yet achievable goal for you to meet. This effect is known as the Kohler Effect in other words not wanting to be the weakest link.
  5. Ego – When you start to realize that you are getting results from you work out a good partner will recognize this and push you to do better.
  6. Safety – Having a spotter while working out can help you do exercises safely as well as if you go running in the early mornings or evenings it’s better to have somebody with you.
  7. Variety – Your workout partner has different skills and a different mind-set, you can benefit from this by sharing your knowledge with each other on new workouts, the correct form and other forms of activity it is also a key component for having fun.
  8. Commitment – It’s harder to skip on a session when you know you’ll be letting your partner down. Don’t be that person to leave your partner alone waiting for you at the gym. Plan your sessions out in advance to each other’s availability and schedules. Once it is down on paper or phone or alarm it’s hard to try and skip.



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