fit4U_lifestyleMotivated to change

At Fit4U we encourage you to lead a pro active lifestyle, taking responsibility and control of your habits, believes and thoughts. We believe you can change your life and health for the better by incorporating the following fundamentals on a daily basis:

Positive mindset

A positive outlook is not subject to circumstances, it flows from a positive internal climate you create. We believe that a healthy mind equates a healthy body, a joyfull and healthy lifestyle proceeds thus from your mind. Your body will conform to your mind, resulting in the transformation you wish to obtain.

You are what you eat

Proper nutrition will feed and strengthen your body as well as improve your performance. Let us show you how to start eating more foods that boost your energy and keep you motivated to work out. Excess energy intake e.g. eating too much food, will result in weight gain. The body is designed to store any surplus energy as body fat. We motivate you to start “thinking” about your food, this also include proper coaching about macro – and micro nutrients and how to make smarter food choices.

Get moving

Regular exercise and any form of movement will expand energy and increase your metabolism. A sedentary lifestyle will cause the kilo’s to stack up and it will make you feel lethargic and sluggish. Establish everyday habits to increase your activity level e.g. take the stairs instead of an escalator or do some gardening yourself.

Recover and Rest

Allow time for yourself to rest and relax. Schedule regular breaks to de-stress, reflect and rejuvenate yourself. It is vital to get adequate sleep and rest when you workout on a regular basis. This allows the body to repair, rebuild and strengthen itself.