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Is it safe to exercise with Osteoarthritis?

People tend to think that if you have osteoarthritis that you need to stop exercising, although research has shown the opposite. It states that you can and should exercise with osteoarthritis as exercising is considered to be the most effective non-drug treatment for reducing the pain and improving functional movement.

There are 3 different types of exercise types which are important for people living with osteoarthr

itis and they are;

Range of motion (flexibility exercises)

When you have OA it makes it hard for the body to achieve its full range of motion due to stiffness and pain, which makes the most simplest of tasks very challenging.

These exercises include light and gentle stretching and movements that take joints through the full range of motion you should do these daily which can help improve the flexibility within you joints.

Endurance or aerobic exercises


These exercises strengthen the heart and makes your lungs work more efficiently, which reduces fatigue so that you have more energy and stamina to help you throughout the day.

Endurance training helps control weight, it helps you to sleep better and to improve bad moods.

So if you are feeling grumpy go for a run or cycle, swimming is the best form of cardio as it uses the most muscles and has the least impact on your joints.

Strengthening exercises

Strength training helps support and protect the joints that have arthritis.

Each of these exercise types have an important role in improving the body’s ability to move.

Stress affects the body negatively including people who are affected with OA it makes it more difficult and painful.

This occurs because the body becomes tense and this can increase the pain making you annoyed and frustrated which can limit your ability to move or to perform a specific action. This can lead to depression which also contribute

s to pain. You know your body best, find ways to break these habits find more uplifting activities and reduce your body stress.

Having excess body weight can become a huge risk factor for developing osteoarthritis, all the excess weight can contribute to your knees and hips having extra stress on the joints. With all the extra weight the cartilage within these joints tend to wear down a lot quicker.


Losing weight can reduce the stress on these joints easing the pressure which in turn reduces the pain in OA affected joints, which will help you feel and move better.

Types of exercises that can you can benefit from with OA

Yoga, Pilates, exercise walking, using treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer.



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