The importance of movement and how to get moving after prolonged period of inactivity

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Movement would seem like one of the simplest things that you could do. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t pay attention towards the importance of movement. This can lead them towards a variety of health conditions in the long run.

Movement can be considered as a medicine. You need to get this medicine to stay away from some of the frustrating health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. In addition, you will get the opportunity to avoid a variety of other chronic diseases as well. From a recent study, it has been identified that an average office worker sits for a period of 14 to 15 hours a day.  That’s the main reason why you can see them getting into chronic diseases when compared to others. It can also lead them towards mental health issues. Therefore, all the people should have a clear understanding about the physical and psychological importance of moving.

If you have gone through a prolonged period of inactivity, you must be looking for a convenient method to get moving again. Here is a list of few effective tips, which can assist you to get moving. These steps can create a tremendous impact on your health improvement.

  1. Take it slow – When you go through a prolonged period of inactivity, your muscles would get used to it. Therefore, you must take it slow. This will assist you to let your brain and body start communicating again. All the muscles in your body are called to action and your brain plays a vital role in here. Therefore, you need to give time for your brain and muscles to communicate and initiate the movements.
  2. Start off with walking – You can start off your movements with walking. That’s because walking can be considered as the most natural type of movement that the body would go through. Then you can think about other types of movements such as swimming and running.
  3. Seek the assistance of a therapist – You are encouraged to seek the assistance of a movement specialist or a physical therapist. They have a clear understanding about your health condition. As a result, they would provide useful tips and easy steps to get going. This can minimize your risk of being subjected to injuries.
  4. Pain is a pain – “No Pain, No Gain” isn’t applicable when you are trying to start movements after a prolonged period of inactivity. When you come across pain, you should figure out that you have gone too far. That’s where you should start taking a rest. Then you will be able to allow your body to listen to the pain.
  5. Stay hydrated – Hydration plays a major role behind the movements. Therefore, you need to pay special attention towards hydration when you are starting to move. In addition, it is a good idea to consume a lot of leafy vegetables as well. They can cater the nutritional requirements of your body throughout this period.