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Today our focus is on Theraband exercises.


Therabands are a small, convenient piece of equipment which can target all areas of your body. It can easily be taken with you when you go on holiday, or stored in your home requiring limited space. I have noticed how at some stage, most households have acquired a theraband and are unfamiliar with the use for it. Different colours symbolize different strengths/tension. Therabands cost around R50.00 depending where you buy them from, which is also a convenient price.


Therabands allow for eccentric muscle contraction, meaning the muscle will activate while in the stretched position, allowing for a longer, fuller contraction.


The important thing to remember when using a theraband is to keep your movements slow and controlled.


Today I share a few exercises which targets your full body, using one piece of simple equipment. 


Please note: Incorrect technique can result in injury and I strongly advise that you seek advice from one of our Fit4u health and fitness professionals before performing any of these exercises; especially if you have previously or are currently suffering any injuries or are unfamiliar with the correct technique for these movements.

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